There’s always tomorrow?

How do you say sorry the next day? How do you tell the person you love, the one you hurt, the one you totally messed up with, That you’re sorry and you wish you could take everything back, And I know none of it matters, saying sorry doesn’t nothing like putting a Band-Aid on her […]

Why am I always messing up

I’m about to get 3 hours of sleep I messed up again, I feel like I’m constant thinking about not screwing up with my girlfriend, how can I make her happy .. She’s the perfect girl for me, but I somehow always tend to piss her off, or piss myself off. Everyday I try to […]

Who can you spill your heart too?

Trust Honesty Happiness & Faithful These are the four things that give my relationship foundation. The stability, the flexibility and something to comeback to when I am lost. But lately I’ve been feeling more lost, well not exactly lately, I’ve been feeling this way for about half a year now. I’ve wanted to turn to […]