Am I not a good man?

What is a man and why does a man have to be were you thinking? If I don’t live up to these manly aspects that make me less. I feel so worthless how easily you can see the way my confidence. It’s not that I don’t want to improve myself constantly but can’t you just except me for who I am and what I want how much do we have to lie to each other to prove we’re honest. 

Just because I’m a little bit tired to have sex for one night you need to make me feel bad, does it make you feel better about yourself, that make you feel stronger to strip me down my manlines. It truly makes me wonder how fragile my confidence really is. How can you accept me for who I am if I can’t even accept myself. 

I realize to make you happy I need to be happy myself. But how can I be happy if for who I am you strip away what I believe in, do you strip away makes me confiden. You know I just want to make you happy in myself happy. But you make it so hard sometimes. 

I’m in so much pain, every time I see that I did something wrong I just want to kill myself I want to strip away everything that I think you want me to. I want to have nothing left no part of myself until you’re happy I don’t know how to make you happy you say you want me to be who I am but who I am doesn’t make you happy, you want me to be a perfect version of myself right, yeah I would love that too. 

For now I can keep trying my best, just try my best.

Sorry I have to end this early I am too upset to talking

I was using Siri sorry if there’s grammatical and spelling errors  some things might be wrong 

Till next time listeners


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