You can’t listen or you don’t want too?

Yes maybe something small started it, but we both know deep down it was something bigger. Is it just a lack of trust or do you simply just want to do things your way and not care about how I want things.

Not only does it insult my intelligence but my integrity. I want someone who will trust me, someone who believes in the things I say. 

And all while I’m trying to explain this to you, you have to come back at me with, “you don’t listen to me?” Instead of listening to what I have to say and dealing with that problem, you’d rather just throw everything back st my face so then we can never concentrate on what got me upset in the first place.

Did I need to get upset about the small problem no. But I know that if something is bothering me from something small then it probably has larger origins or deeper psychological and emotional fears.

You see it as me making small problems big, but what I’m actually doing is trying to explain to you that these small problems are caused by something bigger.

But you don’t want to listen to what I have to say.. so the problem persists.

Can you imagine if I didn’t listen to you and you were having a problem …

I hope I can calm down and discuss this with you soon.

Till next time listeners


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