Am I not a good man?

What is a man and why does a man have to be were you thinking? If I don’t live up to these manly aspects that make me less. I feel so worthless how easily you can see the way my confidence. It’s not that I don’t want to improve myself constantly but can’t you just […]

You can’t listen or you don’t want too?

Yes maybe something small started it, but we both know deep down it was something bigger. Is it just a lack of trust or do you simply just want to do things your way and not care about how I want things. Not only does it insult my intelligence but my integrity. I want someone […]

What is help?

Grabbing the hand of someone to help them cross street, giving someone a ride, waving at them as I passed by, helping them carry groceries in to their house when you don’t have to. I wonder how much helping we’re really doing. Is it better to help them, or let them work hard and be […]

I feel so Selfish

I’m not here to loathe in how shitty I am, … but I have been shitty, and not just like a bad attitude. A bad mindset, an unhealthy and disturbing mindset.  For some reason over the past year I’ve gotten it into my head that if something bad happens it’s my fault, and that if […]

Something about me,

So, there’s something you need to know about mirrors something understands about who I was or what I’ve been through can help you understand Who I am. See you in the past I’ve always had traditionally pretty bad luck with relationships in high school every relationship I had ended on exactly one month. No matter what […]


There’s nothing more I want to do then apologize, but why every time I think I want apologize to rip my heart out not because I’m conflicted about it but because I know it doesn’t make any damn difference. Because the soon as I say good morning sweetie I love you I’m sorry, it doesn’t […]